Genius SIS: the next generation of web-based Student Information System for online and virtual schools.

What is Genius SIS?

Genius SIS is a powerful web-based student information system designed to make a school operation easier, faster and more reliable. It manages your admission process, controls enrollments, provides information to students and guardians, tracks students progress, improves your communication with students, offers dynamic reports and much more. 

Genius SIS delivers complete school control using a surprisingly simple and elegant interface. You'll notice how easy managing your school becomes from the minute you start using it, whether you are a small online university or a large cyber school.

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What are the advantages of Genius SIS?

Unlike other SIS, Genius SIS was specifically designed to help schools operate on a virtual /online environment, so it addresses unique issues such as flexible enrollments and pacing, dynamic scheduling and the need for a more comprehensive management oversight.

Genius SIS will take your school from an ad-hoc operation, where each user has their own spreadsheets and deals with students in different ways, to a more formal, scalable approach, all without losing any flexibility.

Teachers will have more time to work with their students instead of spending time writing emails and sending report cards. Admissions reps will know what needs to be done next. Students will be able to take control of their academic life. Registrars will be able to handle hundreds of enrollments easily without worrying about missing a student. Genius SIS provides tangible benefits to virtually all users. 

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