Product Information

Genius SIS: the next generation of web-based Student Information System for online and virtual schools.



What Does Genius SIS Do?

Genius SIS is a software designed to manage online and virtual schools. It tracks student information, enrollments, staff, academic performance, communications, reporting and much more. It also offers a student portal so that students can request courses, change their information, track their progress and access course information. 

Genius SIS automates many repetitive tasks. It sends dynamic emails to students who match a filter, it generates transcripts, reports on student activity, enrolls students in the appropriate sections of a course, and more. Genius SIS is a web-based application so a web-browser is all you need.

Genius SIS provides an unprecedented amount of flexibility for enrollment tracking, so that users can dynamically select who should teach each section, in what section the student should be enrolled, when the enrollment should start and end and what pace will be required. These are all data points used in multiple reports available in Genius SIS.

Genius SIS has a comprehensive database where all data is secure, and can be configured so that different users have access to different data and functionality. It also interfaces with external applications, such as Content Management System and Payment Services, to provide a seamless and complete suite for online schools.

While Genius SIS provides the software to handle a majority of the functions necessary to run a school, there are certain requirements for which you may still need additional software. For instance, actual class content (such as reading materials, quizzes) would typically be hosted in a Learning Management System, such as Agilix's Brainhoney, Pearson LearningStudio or Moodle.


Implementation and Customization Process

The best way to understand what Genius SIS is and what functionalities are provided by it is to go through a demo. We will be happy to schedule a free online demo with you, where we will show you the features and discuss any questions you may have. 

After the demo, when you are ready to make your decision we will provide you with access to a prototype software, where you and your team can take your time to go through all the pages and functionalities of Genius SIS at your own pace. This will help us determine any required customizations.

We understand each school is different, and therefore we designed Genius SIS to allow a great amount of customizations. Users can, at any time, configure many aspects of Genius SIS, such as creating new reports or changing database parameters. Additionally, when functionality needs to be added or modified, our team will work with you to understand your requirements and provide you with a new, customized version of the Genius SIS software in record time. Customizations are charged on a per-hour basis.


Hosting and Pricing Model

The Genius SIS software and database can be hosted by your school or by us. Typically, if your school already has an IT infrastructure with IT employees and hardware, it may be cost-effective to host Genius SIS inside your school. If you don't want to worry about hardware and hosting issues, we offer a fully hosted solution in partnership with reliable, secure hosting providers. Either way, we will provide you with all the support you need to get the software up and running.

Due to our low overhead, Genius SIS is one of the most affordable Student Information Systems in the market. Genius SIS is priced with two components: a one-time licensing fee and a recurring, per-student fee. This ensures that Genius SIS is affordable no matter how large or small your school is.

We don't want schools to keep using Excel spreadsheets or legacy systems because they can't afford to change it, so we will work with you to make sure we come up with a way to let your users and students benefit from Genius SIS.